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Sonar Survey #2

It wasn't warm but we had a great time on the river today doing another sonar survey but this time with the MS 1000 (same as model used on Oak Island). This sonar replaced the sonar device we had back in 2004 and has a lot more features than the previous model. Even with the cold weather we did manage to further investigate the area around hole #3 and saw some interesting features down there. The next step is to go tie in the new holes with the GPS so we can stitch all of the sonar images together and reveal the wreck site.

Special thanks to AMEC (Bruce Moore & Mark Batt) who came all the way from Saint John NB to conduct the sonar survey and also AVL (Eric Cote) for the sowmobile, fishing shack and help out on the ice.

I have attached a bunch of pics from today.

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