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Magnetic maps....diving!!!!

We are going DIVING again this Saturday. Luc Pelletier from the 1st dive and Daniel Tardif have accepted to go down. The weather forecast is calling for a sunny day but we still need a boat. I will find one tomorrow.

I got the magnetic maps from Jean Christophe today. The one bellow is the entire surveyed area last Friday. Speaks for itself where we think the train might be?

ABOVE: Map of entire widht of river from south shore to north shore.

ABOVE: The following map is a close up look at the area of interest that we can identify as triangle ABC. The small rectangular grid located on this map made of dots (near corner A) is the approximate area of the first magnetometer scan in April. We did not scan the entire area the first time around.

We plan to locate points A, B & C on the river using homemade markers to help facilitate the search Saturday. These markers will be painted florescent Orange, labeled in black (A, B & C) and linked underwater by a rope forming a triangle. This rope triangle at the bottom of the river will help concentrate the search efforts in the right area. The corner markers will be located by means of a precision GPS device and will have flotation devices linked to the surface for site location purposes above water. Seven other markers will be located and painted florescent Yellow and labeled in black (1 to 7). The Yellow markers are areas of interest which definitely should be searched.


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