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Looking into the 104th

I sent an email to John R. Grodzinski, author of the book The 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of foot in the War of 1812. John is obviously very knowledgeable with this war and the 104th regiment and he may have some insights to share 🤞. The 104th left for their long historic walk from Fredericton to Quebec in February 1813 and followed the Saint John river all the way up to the Madawaska river then portage over to the Saint Lawrence and then on the Quebec City. According to the articles, one of the battalions was 3 days late arriving in Quebec. One of the men in that group was from the area and knew of the caves and would have saved his colleague? Wow! Are the Blue Mountain caves real and possibly linked to such a critical war for Canada 🇨🇦 ? Please share with those who are possibly interested in this story and those who may have answers And or clues!


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