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Sonar time!!!

We had a very long day out on the ice but we also had very nice weather. We had lots of helpers and we even made it on CBC TV (channel 11). The survey went great but did not conclusively solve the mystery. It simply made it interesting to go back down and identify some interesting features the sonar revealed. We found a long straight object which is approximately 22 feet by 6 feet. It is sticking out of the bottom about 3 feet. It was located directly between the piers of the old bridge. We did not see any striking features like wheels or anything like that, simply a long straight edge object with debris at one end. The orientation of the mound with reference to the old bridge alignment appears to be overlapping. We need to get more divers down there to confirm and explore. It's real nice to know the exact location of the anomaly. We could have carved a hole on the ice today and hit it with a stick...a 30 ft long stick. It might also be a natural outcrop which resembles what we wanted to see....never know. We also did lots more holes on the ice but did not detect anything worth noting. So no more wasting time looking all around, we have at least refined the search area within the size of a locomotive.

Here is the list of volunteers who helped out last Thursday:

Sonar: Nick Burchill from Kongsberg Maritime.

Helpers: Viateur Ouellette, Andrew Mulherin, Marc Laforge, Daniel Laforge, Louis Laforge, Peter Carswell.

Video Camera: Pierre Morin

Four Wheeler: Wayne Hodges

Auger drill: Bert Laforge

Generator: Bards farms

Trailer: Dave Mulherin

Thanks to everybody.


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