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Ice thickness and GPS survey

Me and Marc Laforge from Gemtec went out on the Saint John River this morning to measure the thickness of the ice and layout points A,B, C and Hole #3 (see attached images). Hole #3 is where we saw some interesting images last time we did a sonar survey on the ice back in 2004. Sonar technology has come a long way in the last decade alone. Not sure when and if the new sonar survey will happend but we will see what comes of it. On the river today the ice ranged between 16 inches and 38 inches and is strong enough to safely conduct the survey.....but spring is time to waste.

Above: 2004 sonar survey map. Triangle ABC is metalic debris field. Hole #3 interesting images back in 2004

Above: Marc Laforge setting up GPS

Above: Survey stakes, auger and other supplies.

Above: locating Hole#3.

Above: Marc measuring ice thickness

Above: Rock boulders used as fill for the old abutment on the south shore of the Saint John River. Only area on shore line showing high amount of boulders. The other abutment is similar.

Above: Saint John River 269 meters (850 ft) wide at location of the old CPR bridge.

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