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508 survey day

We had a very productive day gathering data from the 508 wreck site. Brunswick Engineering came through with their promise to come up and try to solve the 120 year old mystery. Not to mention my 20 year obsession to get to the bottom of it.

Today a drone magnetic scan of the river was conducted. We also explored further with a remote control multi beam survey boat. On top of all that we ran a side scan sonar over the site as well, so there is plenty of exciting data to look at. The alignment of the old bridge crossing was concentrated on and we got the entire width of the river just to make sure we covered everything. These state of the art instruments will allow us to map the riverbed with high precision. The magnetic survey from 2003 and today can be used to approximate the weight of iron resting at the bottom and further pin point the metallic debris area.

After a successful day of data acquisition, the team of engineers and scientists left and travelled back home before dark. It will take several weeks to analyze all this data but stay tuned for the results. We have never hit the site with so much science as we did today.


Andrew Black - Brunswick Engineering

Caleb Parker - Brunswick Engineering

Karl Butler - UNB

Troy Dobson - UNB

Daniel Boulay - UNB

Marc Laforge - Gemtec / boat captain

Special thanks to Steve Perry of Brunswick Engineering for making this happen.

Eric M. Ouellette, P.Eng

President Zip Zag Canada

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