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My work has brought me to many places and in the last month I have worked in New Brunswick, Quebec, Price Edward Island and Nova Scotia. When I found out I was going to Halifax for some pile driving work I immediately looked up Oak Island and contacted Danny Hennigar from the Oak Island Tourism Society. If you haven't heard of the Oak Island Mystery, I recommend looking it up on Google. Since I found out about the Oak Island mystery, I have been fascinated with this story. Reading over the website, I saw that the Island was going to be open to the public from August 11th to the 13th. Since I was a week early I wanted to know if I could still squeeze in a quick visit being so close. Danny replied that the best he could do to accommodate me was August 10th or August 11th @ 8h00 in the morning. So close but it wasn't going to happen.....I was a week early!!!

Last week I was again heading to Nova Scotia for more work. Even though I was considerably further away from Oak Island this time I was still hoping to make the visit anyway if work permitted it. Unforeseen cancellations at the construction site made it possible for me to go visit the island on Thursday morning. I contacted Danny once again asking him if I could still make it on such a short notice and he quickly replied yes......wait for me on the island at the end of the causeway at 8h00 sharp.....don't be late!!! Thursday morning at 5h00, I was off to Oak Island! I actually arrived a half hour early and took the time to look around before Danny's arrival. Since Danny was good enough to let me visit the island I decided to chip in on the cleanup activities in order to get the island ready for the big tours over the weekend. I find it pretty cool that I actually snapped a few trees and cut some grass around the money pit and borehole 10X. Special thanks to Danny Hennigar for making this possible.


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