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Diving time!!!

It's DIVING time!!!

We are lined up to go searching the river next Saturday (May 24). The gates at the dam are almost all closed (one left open) and the flow is considerably less than even a couple days ago. The long term forecast is sunny and now that the crane and barge are here it seems even more rushing to get some definite answers! Luc Pelletier confirmed via phone tonight that next Saturday is good for him. There will be a minimum two divers and tentatively even up to four searching for the train. We plan on getting the services of a local boat owner for diving assistance which will be confirmed in the near future.

I received some good pictures today from Maggy Lebel. She also sent me this picture. The following picture is different angle shot of the CPR bridge crossing the St-John River in Grand Falls at very low water level because it is prior to the dam construction. The shot is facing down river. Canyou spot the man sitting on the rocky shore?

The Northwest branch A.P.E.G.N.B. conference will be held at the Pres du Lac Inn in Grand Falls on June 5, 2003 (Thursday) at 18h30. I will be the guest speaker and will be talking on the locomotive search efforts and by that time we should also know if the train has been found or not??!!


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