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DIVE # 3

We were on the river from 11h00 to 19h30 today. Mother Nature made up for last week but still no sign of 508. Eight divers took the waters today but the 4 to 5 feet visibility is still the main problem down there. We tried different search methods but none of them turned up anything.

The Moncton divers did not show up in the end but we did have a blast anyway...maybe camera shy and there were a lot of cameras around today.


Luc Pelletier (Lac Baker), Sebastien Senechal (Riviere du Loup), Eric Fraser (Riviere du Loup), Alain Lagace (Riviere du Loup), Michel Thibault (Riviere du Loup), Leo Ouellet (Riviere du Loup), Sylvain Ouellet (Riviere du Loup) and Mathieu Viel (St Marc du Lac Long).


Camille Godbout, Daniel Paradis, Gilles Cormier, Bob King, George Theriault and Joe Desjardins.

Filming crew:

Pierre Morin on the boat and John St-Amand on the shore.


Yvon Michaud and Cyr Lebel.

Food and drinks:

Town of Grand Falls - Mayor Gerald Carroll.

Other help:

Gilles Laforest


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