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Ongoing sonar preparations...

It's a busy week for me regarding preparations for next week’s survey on the ice. I called Nick Burchill from Kongsberg Maritime this morning to see if everything was still a go. He told me that so far everything looks good unless some unsafe weather conditions arise like last week.

To do list:

1 - Calculate the coordinates for the survey. (DONE) Compliments of Andrew Demerchant from GEMTEC Limited . ...Thanks

2 - Get the survey staked out towards the end of the week. (DONE) Compliments of Wayne Hodges and crew from W.E. Hodges Surveys Ltd. .... Thanks

3 - Get holes done on the ice this weekend. (DONE) with the help of Marc Laforge, Daniel Laforge, Andrew Mulherin, Alex Mulherin, Francis Theriault and Bert Laforge's ice drill.

4 - Get wood for shelter. (DONE) 13$ at the local hardware store.

5 - Get tarp for shelter. (DONE) Donated by Philip Roach & Luc Beaulieu......

6 - Build shelter. (DONE) With the help of Alex Mulherin, Andrew Mulherin, Marc Laforge and Jean Sebastien Roy.....ThanksThanks


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