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The beginning

I was conducting a pressure test on Pierre Morin's new subdivison near the new Canadian Tire store in Grand Falls today. You basically apply pressure on the watermain system and wait 2 hours to monitor if there is a pressure drop. Waiting for the test to take its course I noticed two men getting ready to go diving in the river. When I asked Pierre, he replied that the two divers had asked him for permission to set up on his land to access the train site. Train site?? I asked. He replied that a long time ago the rail line used to cross the river where they were set up now and they say the engine is still down there!

A few days later I met Pierre at the local coffee shop and I immediately dash over to ask him if he had talked to the divers before they left. Pierre said Yes and they even went so far as to say they had found the locomotive. They also reported it was on its side.


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