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Lost B-52 engines?

At work, we have been doing plenty of test holes for the future four lane Trans Canada highway that will be linking Grand Falls to Woodstock. Construction is set to start this summer and we are doing the geotechnical investigations for this project. Basically we have been digging holes all over the country side from Grand Falls to Woodstock. Last Thursday while walking along the cut corridor of mulch and tree stumps in the Aroostook area, we stumbled upon something that caught the eye from a distance. It looked like shiny metal in the middle of the future westbound lane on the other side of the gully. The excavator operator I was with that day said he had been here before and that those pieces were from a downed B-52 plane from years ago. The military plane was from the now closed Loring Air force base in nearby Maine USA.

We did not make it to the actual location of the big debris pieces that day but I started questioning around for details on the accident. Apparently all or most of the crew was killed in the crash and that it was a very cold day when it occurred. The accident happened anywhere between 1955 and 1958.

So, I convinced the boys and my dad to go for a hike on Sunday to investigate a little further and try and identify the large debris pieces. Two B 52 engines!!! My father said he was 10 when the plane went down and he remembers seeing it blow up in the air and falling to the ground. I'm assuming these two engines fell at a different location than the rest of the plane. This may explain why the U.S. military did not find or retrieve these engines. I will try and find some newspaper stories related to this accident when I get a chance. All this time I have been looking for a train engine and I stumble onto a pair of plane engine?!?


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