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10 Years ago celebration

There has not been much going on lately when it comes to the search for locomotive 508 mainly because I have been busy organizing our ten year class reunion.

I started working on the 10 year class reunion by trying to find my old classmates back in May. One thing led to another and a reunion date was set for September 2 at my place. I figured Grand Falls to be more central than Moncton for traveling purposes since some came as far as Ottawa, Montreal, Lac St-Jean, Moncton, Caraquet. I also liked the fact that I didn't need to leave home to assist. It was a lot of preparation and work but in the end, I dare say everybody had a great time. The weather could not have been any more cooperative. Twelve graduates showed up and a total of 25 people joined in on the celebrations. We had a very impressive fire going in my fireplace and lots of food and beer were consumed.


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