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First Mag results...

The thumbnail bellow is the result from the magnetometer survey (April 6, 2003) after tentative interpretation from Karl Butler (UNB). Click on it to view these interesting results.

It would seem that there is considerable metal debris at the bottom of the surveyed area. This debris could possibly be bridge deck remnants or maybe even the train and some other cars. The debris field seems to be approximately 30 meters (100 feet) long with another possible magnetized body of approximately 15 meters (50 feet) in a different orientation. There is no doubt that something is there now. The next step is to get divers to check it out when the flow of the river slows down in the next month or so. The location of the surveyed area has been tied in with a handheld GPS device which will be fairly easy to relocate in due time.

Map below of the Grand Falls area showing where the old CPR bridge used to be located. The four little squares on the map show the North abutment, the South abutments, Pier #2 and Pier #3. The abutments are accurately located but the piers have been positioned using a handheld GPS device and are a little out of alignment.


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