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Crane arrives in Grand Falls!!

The 230 ton crane has arrived!!! The construction workers have started assembling it at the rivers edge. According to my dad (who works at the bridge construction site), the crane required 7 tractor trailer loads to get to the site.

Crane cab (1 truck)

Crane tracks (2 trucks)

Boom & counter weights (4 trucks)

The boom has not yet been attached to the crane in the picture below. Find the construction worker in the picture below to get a better idea of the size of this crane.

The barge is still not arrived but is scheduled to roll in tomorrow! The river is still flowing quite rapidly. The two small gates at the dam were open today along with two full size ones. It's still hard to tell when the diving will take place but if we send divers now it might be dangerous and we may also have poor visibility with the heavy flow.

I also had a phone interview today with Melissa Mertz (Director of Communications for the A.P.E.G.N.B) concerning an upcoming article (train related) to be released next month in the June edition of "Engenuity" newsletter. This Quarterly Newsletter is distributed to all types of media, local government offices and engineers (who pay dues) in the province of New Brunswick.


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