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DIVE # 2

DIVE # 2:

We put in a good effort today but mother nature did not. The dive still took place but the overcast skies made visibility even worse than last time. Daniel Tardif told me he had to feel the bottom with his hands to search. They did find some metal debris down there today but no train.

We will try to get a lot more divers lined up next weekend for a tentative Dive #3. As a group they might have better luck searching the area. The markers we set out last night worked out well today and we will improve on them some night next week.

Special thanks today to:

Camille Godbout ... our Captain.

Luc Pelletier and Daniel Tardif... our divers.

Marc Laforge ... our tracker.

Gilles Laforest (Esso) ... for free soft drinks and coffee.

Dave Mulherin ... for trusting me with his expensive GPS.

Christine Mulherin ... for her Moral support ;)

This morning this story came out in the Telegraph Journal (front page). No my name is not Marc by the way ... but the story got excellent provincial coverage.


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