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Year in review and moving forward

For a while now I have wanted to sit down and share what I have in mind now that the barge is gone and the cold winter is upon us once again. I know some people are wondering if there is still something going on with the train story because I have been asked often lately. The answer is yes. The search effort this summer was ignited with the presence of the barge and its possible availability was what sparked me to go at it hard. Now that that opportunity is gone I will concentrate on at least finding out if the locomotive was left behind for starters. Never mind rushing into this now, I have all the time in the world to look for it. I don't want to stretch the search forever but I also want to take my time and get things organized at my own pace. The thought of finding the engine and pulling it out this summer was very thrilling to the imagination but a tad unrealistic and possibly even inapplicable. Things always look simple enough when you start working on any project but technical barriers always surface along the way. So not worrying about any salvage effort, the project has significantly been simplified. Let’s just try to solve the mystery first and deal with whatever happens when that time comes.

As promised I was able to dedicate some time at the Fredericton Provincial archives a couple of weeks ago. I managed to find additional interesting articles documenting the accident. None of them mention the locomotive having been pulled out but one article does mention the locomotive and tender where going to be very difficult to rise.

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