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We're going ice fishing!!!

I have been talking to John E. Hughes Clarke (Associate Professor at UNB, Chair in Ocean Mapping) this past week. I contacted him to discuss the possible availability of the C.S.L. Heron this spring. The problem with the Heron is bringing it up here. Many expensive sensors are part of the Heron's hull. This is when I mentioned the possibility of doing some winter exploration using the ice to our advantage. John then told me to contact a man by the name of Nick Burchill, he works for a company called Kongsberg Maritime. His office is in Dartmouth N.S. (13 hours away round trip) but after minutes of explaining my story to him, we were trying to pick possible dates for the sonar survey. We picked February 11, 12 & 13. The only thing to do now is hope that the severe cold snap breezes by and brings better weather. The instrument will map the bottom of the river with amazing detail. I will try and get some images from Nick to demonstrate.

So the plan is to scan the area where we found the magnetic anomalies this summer. If the engine is in the river and if it is not buried.......we will see it.


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