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Sonar survey a month away

Well the igloo is still standing even if it's been mild here for a full week now. It's a welcome change since the last few weeks have given us chilling -30 °to -40 ° Celsius temperatures. I called Nick Burchill from Kongsberg Maritime yesterday wanting to confirm the 11th for the survey on the river. He said he was gone from the office last week and before giving the green light he had to verify is e-mails to make sure nothing had changed in his schedule. He called me back today informing me he has to give an important company presentation next week and will not be able to make it. We have rescheduled the survey to March 3rd, 4th and 5ft, 2004. This is kind of good for me because I have been working away from home for the last bit and have not had time to organize myself 100%. Next week I am gone away to Moncton on Monday and Wednesday was pushing it a little for time. Let's hope we get a break for March break.


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