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Sonar site preparations.

I talked to Nick Burchill this morning to find out when he expects to roll into town this week. He is leaving early Wednesday from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia around 8h00. The trip will take him 6 to 8 hours so he will get here in the afternoon. We will then go over the survey technicalities and get ready for Thursday morning. The survey itself will take place on Thursday March 4, 2004. This is what Nick wrote back to me when I asked him about some survey details last Friday. I wanted to know if we were going to see the images on the ice or if they were going to be calculated later elsewhere. He writes the following "We will be able to see the bottom immediately. We can record the files for review later, but the images are instantaneous. It's like looking around with a rotating camera".

We went out on the ice today to get the holes done. Marc Laforge managed to borrow his uncle's (Bert Laforge) ice auger and to my amazement we put five holes down within an hour. The average ice thickness today was 24 inches (2 ft). Present with me today was Marc Laforge, Daniel Laforge, Andrew Mulherin, Alex Mulherin, Francis Theriault.

I called Wayne Hodges today to see if he wanted to help us haul the shelter on the ice with his track 4 wheeler. He accepted and now we are all set.

The following drawing is the area which we will be scanning. The triangle in light blue is the same as the one in the magnetometer survey. The letters A, B & C have the same coordinates. The red triangle is simply a bigger version in order to make sure we get everything. The holes have been put down today where the numbers 1 to 5 are located. The circles are simply a representation of the area which will be covered with the sonar instrument.


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