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Diver Dan

I finally met Diver Dan last night. Seems like a nice guy and he is just as into it as I am. His name is Danny Trites and he is from Moncton but moving in the area this summer. We went to visit the site and we talked about the project extensively. This will be a very interesting summer searching for the locomotive. Trites has all the cool gadgets we need to make the search much easier and really exciting. He has a hand held magnetometer, underwater camera for pictures and videos and best of all the gear needed to excavate the riverbed.

The first step in our plan is going to get him familiar with the site with a few preliminary exploratory dives. At the same time we will be building a working platform for us to use when we go out on the river. The platform will be towed by another boat to the wreck site and anchored to one of the piers during the work. It will also serve as a diving pad and a place to lay all the equipment we will be using for digging. All of this can only happen when the dam is completely closed.


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