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Barge building

We built a barge that will help us with the diving equipment and all of the gear we need to do the work. All of the materials needed were donated by local businesses:

Grand Falls Pallets: Sylvain Rioux donated 6 pallets and the metal strapping needed to secure the plastic barrels to the underside of the platform.

Gilles Laforest Esso: Gilles donated the plastic barrels and an anchor.

BMR: Geatan Pineault donated the lumber and plywood needed to secure everything together.

Raymond St-Onge donated the motor we will be using to tow the barge from the shore to the site.

Eric Ouellette to suply his old fiberglass boat that had been laying upside down on his back lawn for the last 3 years. It's not pretty but it will serve as a shuttle from the barge to the shore when we need stuff.

The barge builders were:

Eric Ouellette, Marc Laforge, Patrick Mazerolle, Raymond St-Onge and Daniel Tardif.


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