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DIVE # 10

We went diving today. It's been a while but we finally managed to get all of our schedules to agree. Danny Trites from Perth Andover and Luc Pelletier from Baker Lake were our divers. Yes Luc Pelletier is back diving on the train site. So we have two pretty experienced divers that are now also pretty acquainted with the site and underwater conditions.

Visibility again was zero because of the very big rain event the night before. The big objective today was to test the digging equipment and see how well it works. We had a diver tank taped to the vacuum for air supply just to try it out for a few minutes. Danny says it seems to work very well. Next time we go out we will be better equipped with an air compressor on the barge for longer digging and a brand new vacuum we will build.

We did also try out our barge today. We moved it to the anchor rope floating over the sand mound and hooked it while we went exploring. It worked really well for the divers and was very stable for 3 adults and all the scuba gear. My horrible looking boat was the shuttle that took the divers and equipment from the marina to the barge.

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