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At work this summer, I introduced a very cool new way of viewing underwater bridge piers in zero visibility conditions. Sonar techonolgy has come a long way since 2003 and they can now provide way better detailed images.

A sonar survey of two bridges in the province was undertaken and images assisted us greatly in evluating our repair strategy. We wanted to evaluate scour potential/condition and we got some very good quality information from the instrument. Images are 3D and to scale so this can come in handy in pin pointing areas of interest for divers to concentrate on.

Needles to say when I saw this level of detailed I quickly wanted to investigate the possibility of getting one done at the wreck site...on the ice....again. The company that did the survey is only a few hours away and I think they are interested....maybe when/if the sonar comes to the area for other work or something like that. Cost nothing to try...

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